Helvetia Environnement

Regular videos about the activities of the Swiss group’s companies

The Helvetia Environnement Group is active throughout Switzerland in the collection and processing of waste. The companies in the group are Sogetri, Transvoirie, Léman Bio Énergie, SRS.

All of these companies have multiple activities throughout the year, be it employee activities, sponsorship, partnerships or the inauguration of new facilities. During these activities Kaosmovies has been making short and dynamic aftermovies since 2019.


Helvetia Environnement (website)


Since 2019

What did Kaosmovies do

Director, camera, editing

Kaosmovies has been working since 2018 with the Helvetia Environnement Group, for whom we have made two films about the Sortera waste sorting plant: a 3D animation film to show what the plant was going to look like before it was built and a presentation film once the plant was completed.

The regular videos produced for Helvetia Environnement since 2019 have been broadcasted on the group’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages as well as on their YouTube channel.

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Helvetia Environnement

All the videos made by Kaosmovies for Helvetia Environnement