Kaosmovies helps you visually share your companies’ or NGOs’ impact, thanks to our passionate and experienced people.

Guided by our values

Kaosmovies is an audiovisual production company that offers all the services needed to produce your videos, with a philosophy particularly focusing on social and solidaritiy economy, respect for humans and environment, sustainability and culture.

A member of social economy chambers

Kaosmovies is a member of the Geneva Chamber of social and solidarity economy (APRÈS-GE) since 2015 and of the Chamber of social and solidarity economy (APRÈS-GE) since 2016 (APRÈS-VD). We are committed to respect the Social and solidarity economy Charter.

Our goal is to support the promotion of companies focusing on “common good”. This vision is entering into an action of reducing our impact on environment but also creating jobs to stimulate the local economy. Putting forward local companies is a clear action to participate in the real economy.

We are

Laurent Bersier

Director, Producer

Julia Reynes


Gabriel Buser

Interactive media designer

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