Film, motion design, digital communication, we help companies and NGOs to share their positive impact

We are Kaosmovies, a creative and curious video and digital communication production company. We like one-off projects or long-term trips, so let’s choose together the best way to reach your audience.

Video production

Motion design

Digital communication

The packs


Miniature de Porfolio Chocolate Lovers Club

Chocolate Lovers’ Club

Ferring Portfolio Miniature


Miniature Portfolio Grosselin Tomorrow

Grosselin Demain

Miniature Portfolio La Ruche qui dit Oui

La Ruche qui dit Oui !

Miniature de porftolio forum ecovillages

Forum ecovillages

Miniature portfolio Climathon Lausanne

Climathon Lausanne

miniature porftolio The Visionautes

Les Visionautes

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