A video production to spread your ideas

18 min. per speaker for maximum impact in a minimum of time, this is the principle of TED and TEDx conferences whose slogan is “Ideas worth spreading”

Since 2013, Kaosmovies has been producing several TEDx: TEDxGeneva 2013-2015, TEDxLausanne 2016 (motion design teaser and aftermovie), TEDxHautLacSchool 2018.


TEDxGeneva, TEDxLausanne, TEDxHautLacSchool

Wikinomics, Freedom – Digital Age, Make it work!, Growth, 2084: Knowledge is Strength: the themes of the various TEDx conferences bring together exciting and inspiring speakers.

Recorded in multicamera setup these lectures are then broadcast on the YouTube page TEDxTalks.

Some of the videos made by Kaosmovies have reached tens of thousands of views such as that of Audrey Vernon. Richard Stallman’s talk has even reached more than 200,000 views!

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Produced by Kaosmovies in Geneva, Lausanne and St-Légier