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ViaSat – ViaDrone

A European project, a drone filmed with drones, a challenge!

In the framework of this European project launched by ESA (European Space Agency) and directed by ViaSat UK, Kaosmovies has been commissioned to produce a presentation film during the demonstration flights of a drone equipped with measuring instruments.

From the outset we proposed to film the drone with one or more drones, in order to obtain the most beautiful images possible in flight. One more challenge for a project that already had several of them:

  • obtaining flight clearances for an aircraft flying out of sight of pilots, close to an airport and monitoring power lines!
  • difficulty in finding an ideal weather window

A successful gamble thanks to our collaboration with drone pilots and operators Cyril Neri and Fabian Jubin.


ViaSat UK (website)



What did Kaosmovies do

Director, camera, editing


Laurent Bersier : direction, camera, editing

Cyril Neri: drone operator and pilot

Fabian Jubin: drone operator and pilot

In addition to ViaSat UK, the other companies involved in this project were:

NSL (Switzerland), skyguide (Switzerland), skysoft (Switzerland), ViaSat (Switzerland), ELCA (Switzerland), Pix4D (Switzerland) et ESRI (United Kingdom).

The instruments are mounted on a Boreal drone (Groupe Mistral – France).

The aim of the ViaDrone project is to test the use of a communication and control system allowing a drone (more precisely a RPAS) to be integrated in a non-segregated airspace.

More information on this project:

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