Chocolate Lovers’ Club

A video to taste without moderation!

The Chocolate Lovers’ Club is an Internet platform that offers to discover each month a different Swiss chocolate maker. This mission takes the form of a box to which you can subscribe. Each month at home you receive a selection of delicious chocolates created by a Swiss artisan chocolate maker.

The aim is to promote the talent of Swiss chocolate makers artisans, who do an extraordinary job of enhancing this magnificent product: the cocoa bean.


Chocolate Lovers’ Club (site)



What did Kaosmovies do

Director, camera, editing

The Chocolate Lovers’ Club called on Kaosmovies to make the video presentation of their project and their crowdfunding. To do this we went to the Gruyères Chocolate Factory, which is run by the artisan chocolate maker Richard Uldry.

The chocolate makers:
Richard Uldry, Gruyères / Romain Leeman, Bulle / Fabrice Spicher, Vuadens / Michael Randin, Montcherand / Olivier Fuchs, Lausanne

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