Aftermovies for the climate hackathon in French-speaking Switzerland

Kaosmovies produces aftermovies to capture the incredible creativity of the Climathons organized in Switzerland. The Climathon is a worldwide event, whose French-speaking Swiss editions are co-organized by eqlosion, Impact Hub Lausanne and Utopia.

In 2019, 250 participants hacked 16 challenges during 24 hours in Lausanne, Geneva and Sion, assisted by 40 experts and supported by 20 partners.

All the solutions developed in the different Climathons around the world are to be found on the website of Climate-KIC, that conceptualized the Climathon.




2018, 2019

What did Kaosmovies do

Director, camera, editing

Challenges hacked in 2019

In Lausanne:
  • « Slow Destination » in the Morges region
  • Imagine the future of energy
  • How to boost photovoltaic panel installations ?
  • Imagine the city of the future
In Geneva:
  • Shared mobility in the Geneva agglomeration
  • Reduce CO2 emissions from motorized traffic in the City of Geneva
  • Improve teleconferencing for reduced air travel
In Sion:
  • The future of the energy in a municipality
  • The EPFL/HES-SO campus as accelerator of the transition in Sion

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All the videos of the Climathon in French-speaking Switzerland made by Kaosmovies